Air Duct Services FAQ

Why do I need to have my ducts cleaned?

Do you have a lot of head colds? Do you have dust related asthma/allergies? Do you dust way too often? Are you dusting every day? Duct cleaning will probably help you.

How long does it take to do an air duct cleaning?

An average-sized home with 10 registers or less and good access to the ducts requires 1 technician at least 3 hours to clean thoroughly. Unless you have a very small system, any cleaning that takes less than 2 hours may not have been a thorough cleaning.

How can I inspect my ducts to see if they need to be cleaned?

Remove one of your cold air return vent covers. Use a flashlight and mirror to inspect the duct interior. These ducts will be the dirtiest. Turn off your furnace. Look at the filter and fan area. If there’s dust even as thick as a layer of saran wrap there, it’s reducing the air flow efficiency of your furnace by up to 20%. Your ducts need cleaning.

I have a new home. Do I need the ducts cleaned?

If the vent openings were not covered with plastic during construction or remodeling, sawdust, sheetrock dust, and other construction debris can enter the duct system. When you first begin operating the furnace you may experience avery dusty beginning in your new home. We typically find and remove all types of construction debris, if they’ve never been cleaned before!

What should I do if I see black marks or a shadow of soot on the wall or carpet that is coming out of my hot air registers?

There are only two ways soot can get in your ducts. If you have a cracked furnace interior, a lot of soot will get directly into the ducts. Carbon monoxide, may also be coming into your home. Your chimney or pipe connecting to the chimney may be dirty/plugged and the soot is coming out on the floor near your furnace where it’s being pulled back into the fan and then up into your ducts. Call us and we can inspect your chimney. Call your furnace company. Make sure your furnace is not damaged and is operating correctly. You may want to call your insurance company and notify them of the soot problem. Don’t ignore the problem as it will probably get worse. Soot is corrosive so it should be removed as soon as possible from carpet, walls, and belongings. It is also very difficult to remove without the proper training and equipment. We need to clean your air ducts before the rest of your home is cleaned.

What type of duct cleaning equipment gives the best results?

Truck-mounted vacuum combined with high pressure air is the recognized standard for the air duct cleaning industry. The care and time the duct cleaning technician takes is very important.

How often should my ducts be cleaned?

We recommend that your ducts be inspected and/or cleaned every 5 years and more frequently if you have special needs.