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What Causes Dryer Vent Fires?

Dryer vents are a commonly overlooked fire hazard in the home. When they are not cleaned regularly the risk of a fire increases substantially. Lint can easily build up inside the vent blocking airflow, plus, the dryer will work less efficiently. Damage Caused By Unclean Dryer Vents This is such a problem that the National Fire Prevention Association reported that a clothes dryer is responsible for nearly 17,000 house fires in North America each year. That’s approximately 4.5 percent of all [...]

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Thought about Your Dryer Vent Lately?

There is an area of your home that you may not think much about . . . but maybe it would be a good idea.  (No, I’m not talking about your chimney, although that’s another area to which little attention is paid.) Lint inside your dryer vent: Most folks clean out their lint filter occasionally and think that’s good enough.  Maybe not. Have you ever looked at the area beneath the dry vent filter?  With many models of dryers, you can [...]

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10 Tips to Prevent a Chimney Fire

Causes of a chimney fire can be a traumatic event in the life of a homeowner or it can even occur without the knowledge of the homeowner.  Either way, it happens, a chimney fire can cause extensive, (and sometimes, deadly) damage to a chimney or a home. Each year, there are many fires causing structural damage or loss of life that originated in or around the chimney, which is why it’s important to understand what causes chimney fires. Helping homeowners use [...]

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Water and Your Masonry Chimney

Water soaking into a chimney combined with the repetitive freeze/thaw weather cycles in our area damages many masonry chimneys. Preventing Water in Your Chimney There are five areas where water can enter a masonry chimney vent and cause chimney water damage.  Damaged missing or inadequate flashing around the chimney at the roofline. Damaged or missing mortar joints between the brick, concrete block or stone. Porous masonry materials such as concrete block, pumice, sandstone, or interior brick which is not designed for exterior [...]

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Smokey Chimneys Cause Creosote

What causes Creosote and what is it? Simply put, when you burn wood and you have a smoky fire, black creosote can form inside your wood burning appliance and chimney system. Tar particles in the smoke condense on a cool surface and cause creosote. Why is Creosote a Concern? Why should creosote accumulation be of concern to you and is Creosote flammable? Creosote stinks and is corrosive. Creosote can block your chimney. That blockage can cause also smoke back-ups. Additionally, Creosote is flammable [...]