Chimney Inspection

Why do you need a chimney inspection?

The purpose of a chimney is to safely vent the by-products of burning all types of fuel out of your home and into the outside air. Chimneys require regular inspection, cleaning and, sometimes, repair, to function properly.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that “chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year. The scope of the inspection, the areas of the chimney examined, and the degree of invasiveness of the inspection shall be appropriate for the conditions giving rise to the inspection.”

2 Types of Chimney Inspection Service

Type 1: Sidewalk Estimates:
  • A Sidewalk Estimate is an examination of a chimney from the ground only. It is not an in-depth inspection. It does not include going on the roof.

  • It takes about 15 minutes.

  • It has limitations and may give an incomplete report of the extent and cause of damage in the chimney.

  • The client must be present for Sidewalk Estimate.

  • Sidewalk Estimates are free and are done within a 20 mile radius of downtown Duluth, excluding Two Harbors, Cloquet, Carlton, and South Range.

  • A Sidewalk Estimate cannot be done for some types of chimney reline estimates, Heat Shield Estimates, and any repairs that require a chimney interior inspection.

Type 2: Chimney Service:
  • A Level 2 Inspection is included in every Chimney Service appointment. A Level 2 Inspection is a top to bottom examination of a chimney.  This examination helps to determine the cause and extent of the damage and helps to determine repair options.  It is included in all Chimney Service appointments.

  • Our interior camera inspection or chimney scan is performed, where possible, with the state of the art Chim Scan® Camera.  The Chim Scan® is specially designed for the rugged environment of a chimney interior.

Chimney Inspection Request Form

Chimney Inspection
  • A regular (non-glaze creosote removal) chimney cleaning is also included in every Chimney Service. This assures that the flue interior is clean enough to be viewed by the Chim Scan®.

  • A Chimney Service appointment takes approximately 60-90 minutes.

  • You receive a written condition report of your chimney with a thorough explanation of the cause and extent of any damage and with repair solutions.

  • We will take digital photos of your chimney. We will explain our findings to you.  We can email the digital photos to you if you want them.

  • If needed, you will receive a written Repair Proposal.  We try to give you the total cost of the repair barring hidden or concealed conditions.

  • We charge the current rate for the Chimney Service.

  • It would be best if the client was present for the Chimney Service so we can explain our findings and answer questions.

  • If the repair is scheduled within 30 days of the repair proposal date, we will deduct $100-$200 from your proposal amounts depending on the cost of the repair.

  • This Chimney Service must be done for some types of chimney reline estimates, Heat Shield estimates and any repair estimates that require a chimney interior inspection.

    Thank you for choosing Black Goose as your nationally certified chimney professionals.