Radiant Electric Duluth

What is radiant heat?

Radiant heat is what the sun produces.  Radiant heat travels in a straight line until it touches an object, then heats that object.


Why Radiant Electric Duluth?

 Radiant Electric Duluth provides radiant, infrared electric heaters for commercial and residential applications.

  • All objects, (walls, floors, people, pets, appliances and furniture) within the space heat up and re-radiate the heat so there are no “cold or hot areas” in the room that you get from forced air heating.

  • Air infiltration, (the building “bellows effect”) and convective heat losses, (the draft inducing “stack effect) that you get with forced air heating are completely eliminated.

 Your key benefits:

 Save money: Save up to 73% in energy costs over other heating methods.

  • Set your thermostat lower for the same comfort level.

  • Heat the space only when you are in it.

  • Room by room zone control.

  • Eliminate heat loss through your windows with radiant heat.

 Easy Installation:

  • Simple, low cost installation much like a light fixture.

  • No expensive building alterations.

  • No ductwork, hydronic lines or centralized equipment.

 Reliable: Eliminate future maintenance expense.

  • No annual inspections or cleanings.

  • No periodic filter replacement.

  • No air ducts, chimney or vent to clean or maintain.

  • Many heaters are still providing comfort after 62 years in service.


  • Extremely clean with zero emissions.

  • No danger of carbon monoxide.

  • Low operating temperatures reduces the risk of fire.

  • Perfect for people with allergies or chemical sensitivity.

 The heaters are manufactured in Ohio.  They are available in several styles: baseboard, wall, cove, large and small portable units and a drop in ceiling unit for suspended ceilings.

 Visit Radiant Heat for more details.  Contact us at 218-721-3192 for a consultation.

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