Do you need chimney repairs?

We can repair most chimneys. No matter if weather, age, or sudden occurrence damages your chimney.

 We tuckpoint, rebuild, replace, and reline chimneys serving wood, gas, and oil-burning appliances.

 Often, doing a small repair now can help prevent more extensive and costly damage to your chimney in the years to come.

We perform the following repairs:

  • Tuckpointing

  • Crown repair

  • Flashing repair/replacement

  • Chimney rebuilds

  • Chimney water repellent

  • Chimney relines (see below)

  • Interior liner resurfacing

  • Chimney replacement

  • Class A stainless steel chimneys

  • New construction/installation

  • Fireplace damper replacement

  • Ahren-fire fireplace installation

What is chimney relining?

We can line or reline virtually any masonry chimney. An undamaged, continuous chimney liner with no cracks or voids is your first line of defense in preventing harmful substances (carbon monoxide, sulfuric acid, creosote, soot and smoke) from entering your house or building.

 Our replacement stainless steel chimney liners:

  • Are sized to vent your heating appliance

  • Prevent damage to your chimney and surrounding building structures

  • Increase safety and efficiency of your heating systems

  • Increase your peace of mind

  • Have a limited, transferable lifetime warranty against chimney fire and corrosion*

  • Increase resale value

*Maintaining your warranty requires an annual cleaning and inspection performed by a technician certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. All Black Goose technicians are CSIA-certified.

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Chimney Repairs/Rebuilds