Chimney Cleaning & Inspection

Chimney Services by our CSIA Certified Professionals

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that “chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year. The scope of the inspection, the areas of the chimney examined, and the degree on invasiveness of the inspection shall be appropriate for the conditions giving rise to the inspection.”

Why do you need Chimney Services? The purpose of a chimney is to safely vent the by-products of burning all types of fuel out of your home and into the outside air. Chimneys require regular inspection, cleaning, and sometimes repair, to function properly and for your peace of mind.

Chimney Cleaning and Inspection:

  • A Chimney Service appointment takes approximately 60-90 minutes.
  • We protect your floors with drop cloths and by wearing clean shoe covers. We guarantee we will not leave a soot mess in your house.
  • A regular (Non-glaze creosote removal) chimney cleaning is included in every chimney service. This assures that the flue interior is clean enough to be viewed by the Chim Scan® camera.
  • Once the chimney is clean, our CSIA certified technician performs a top to bottom visual inspection of the chimney. The inspection helps determine if there is any damage, the cause and extent of the damage, and it helps to determine repair options.
  • Our interior camera inspection (chimney scan) is performed, where possible with the state of the art Chim Scan® camera. The Chim Scan® is specially designed for the rugged environment of a chimney interior.
  • You receive a Written Condition Report of your chimney with any recommended repairs. There will be a thorough explanation of the cause and extent of any damage with repair solutions.
  • We will take digital photos of your chimney. We will explain our findings to you. We can email the digital photos to you if you request them.
  • If needed, you will receive a written Repair Proposal. We try to give you the total repair cost barring any hidden or concealed conditions.
  • It is best if the client is present for the Chimney Service so we can explain our findings and answer any questions.

The Chimney Service must be done for some types of chimney relines, Heat Shield estimates and any repair estimates that require a chimney interior inspection.

Chimney cleaning steps for a regular chimney cleaning:

Solid Fuel Burning Appliances-(i.e. wood, pellet, coal, corn) Fireplaces, Inserts, and Freestanding Stoves

  • Sweep the flue
  • Clean out the smoke shelf and fireplace throat
  • Clean out the connector pipe
  • Clean out the firebox

Oil heating appliances—Vacuum truck used

  • Sweep the flue
  • Shovel out the soot and debris that the technician has knocked down
  • Clean out the connector pipe
  • Visual Inspection of all accessible areas of the chimney
  • Digital photos of the chimney exterior

For light soot/ minimal creosote removal—Portable dust collector used

  • Thoroughly clean most wood burning flues
  • Written condition report
  • Visual inspection of all flues

Heavy soot or extreme dust control—Vacuum truck used

  • All oil appliance flues
  • White or light colored carpeting
  • chimney that can’t be cleaned otherwise
  • Removing debris blockages
  • Same documentation as in regular chimney cleaning (See above)

Chimney cleaning for glazed creosote removal We utilize mechanical and chemical methods to remove heavy build-up of glazed creosote. Note: 1/8th inch of glaze creosote poses potential chimney fire risk.

  • Possible Creosote Removal Options:Mechanical removal with rotary power equipment
  • Chemical treatment with ACS (Anti-Creo-Soot)
  • Chemical treatment with Cre-Away Powder
  • Chemical treatment with PCR (Poultice Creosote Remover)
chimney cleaning

Sidewalk Estimates and Service Calls:

Sidewalk estimates

Service calls

  • For very minor repairs
  • For any time the technician has to go on the roof for a repair estimate or very minor repair
  • For consultations
  • A service call is charged at the current rate

Chimney Repairs, Rebuilds, Installations:

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Chimney Products & Accessories:

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